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CEO, President

The vineyards of Oakville are both home and inspiration to Suzanne Groth, and her career and art continue to be profoundly influenced by the vineyards that surround her.

Throughout high school and during summer breaks from college, Suzanne helped out around the winery.  In fact her first job was cleaning her parent’s office on weekends, later working her way up to a tasting room position.  Graduating from Lewis and Clark College in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history, Suzanne entered the art world, working in a gallery.  Soon, deciding on a career in wine, Suzanne spent four years with the Henry Wine Group, a California wine distributor, selling fine wine to restaurants and retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She says, “It was only after selling other people’s ‘wine vision’ that I was able to appreciate how very special Groth Vineyards was.”  She returned to the family business in 1998, working several years in wine sales and Public Relations before becoming VP of Sales and Marketing in 2009.

Traveling throughout the country, Suzanne learned first hand about the complicated business of wine distribution and customer relations.  With the birth of her children, Jackson Groth Jones, and Genevieve Groth Jones, she has an even greater interest in working to ensure the success of the family business for the future of the next generation.

In January of 2009 Dennis and Judy increased the level of ownership to active partners, Suzanne and her brother Andrew, to 22% of the business to each.  With increased ownership comes the responsibility of all points of sales and distribution, while her brother overlooks all aspects of farming and winemaking.  Suzanne continues to oversee all aspects of direct-to-consumer sales including the retail room and the popular Team Red Stripe and Groth Cabernet Only wine clubs.  Alongside her duties at the winery, she serves as the Napa County District Director for The Wine Institute, is active with Oakville Winegrowers, and serves on a committee for the Napa Valley Vintners Association.

Intertwining her art, family, and work, with each release of a Groth Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Suzanne produces a new painting.  These paintings grace the walls of the winery, and one hangs at the Wine Institute in San Francisco.  “Painting gives me the chance to portray our story and my family’s dedication to our land from a different perspective,” she says. “Growing up in Oakville has most definitely influenced my palette and eye.”