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Vineyard Manager

The vineyard philosophy at Groth isn’t a lofty abstraction; it gets right down into the details.  “Each and every vine is managed for its individual needs.” says vineyard manager Ben Benson.  “We prune, thin shoots, or leaf pull for balance throughout the vineyard so that all the grapes have uniform ripening and optimum maturity.”

Ben has had plenty of time to get to know every vine in the vineyards.  Born and raised in San Francisco, he first arrived in Napa Valley in 1975.  Coming, like Dennis Groth, from an accounting background, he was already a Napa grower since 1976 and became Groth’s first employee in 1982.  

Over the years, he supervised the replanting of Groth Vineyards that began in 1996, selecting the most promising clones and rootstocks that had become available and establishing trellising systems that maximized vine balance.  Having replanted over 90 % of the Groth vineyards, Ben knows as much as anyone in the Napa Valley and specifically in Oakville about what techniques work for quality grapes and for environmental stewardship.