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“The moment that everything changed, we drove from Sonoma to Napa via the Oakville grade.  When we reached the top, we stopped and looked down on spectacular sea of vineyards.  Curiously, the vineyard we bought is one that we saw that moment, and every time we drive over the grade we think of that day.  It was a life changing investment for Judy and me,” Dennis Groth recalls.  The year was 1981.  The 121 acre purchase was the Oakcross Vineyard in the heart of Oakville.
As a family, we are dedicated to producing the best wine that a vintage will allow.  All of our resources, our property and the skills of our employees, are dedicated to this objective.  We believe that if we make great wine, success will follow.  Groth began as, and continues to be 100% family owned, operated, and managed by the Groth family: Dennis, Judy and their children, Elizabeth, Suzanne and D. Andrew.